Cody. Our big cuddly bear. Sweet boy with an amazing soft character. Friend of all dogs and people, strong will to please. He loves to play with his ball, throw it or do a brain game with it, it doesn’t matter for Cody. 🙂 And a real gentleman, sweet and caring for all the beautiful girls. So now and then he may go on a date. He is available for tested girls from college breeders.

Kikis Lovely Wonder’s Cody WALA00031734

DNA profile VHL H254718

red, Bb (bcbd) ee DD a/at K/ky, no merle

wavy fleece coat, sable tail, IC clear

large medium, 52 cm, 20 kg

HD OFA excellent, ED clear, no Patella

DM/EIC/vWD I/PRA/CEA/HNPK/Haemofilie A/MDR1 clear

annual ACVO eye certificate clear