The Australian Labradoodles

At the end of the 80s the Australian therapy dog association got a request for a dog for a blind woman who was allergic. At that time they unfortunately had no solution. But they kept doing research if it was possible to create a breed which was perfect as a therapy/assistance dog but also caused no allergic reactions. Mr. Wally Conran crossed a Labrador and an imported Poodle from Sweden and created a nieuw breed. He called them “Labradoodle”. In further cooperation with Mrs. Angela Rutland-Manners they experimented breeding in other breeds and finally came to the Australian Labradoodle which they intruduced to the whole world.

The Australian Labradoodle is friendly and energetic dog. Easy to train which you really should do. They are sweet and kind for humans and animals. Calm in house. The Australian Labradoodle has a friendly and social character with an allergy-friendly fur that does not shed. The Australian Labradoodle is the ideal family dog but not only for people with an allergy.

The Australian Labradoodle has an athletic, gracious and compact body and moves so easily. An Australian Labradoodle loves the attention of humans but can also stay at home alone for a couple of hours.